Here is a process video of the work I created during my second semester senior thesis. Includes animations in order shown with-in video:


NIKE: create a :05 second loop using a 3D NIKE shoe animation and integrate it into a live scene using Cinema 4D, Nuke, and After Effects. 

YULE LOG: Re-image the traditional Yule Log in :06 second loop and bring the one of the season's greatest customs into the modern age with any medium. 

GOOGLE DOODLE, Chinese New Years: Animations to be used as an appealing replacement for the Google Logo as seen on the search engine. The original Google Logo must be in some fashion, hinted at, modified, hidden with in the new design. Animation must be simple, yet clearly reflected the desired message. 

SNAPPLE: Create 3 animations to introduce NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, NO ARTIFICiAL COLORING, NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN-SYRUP to be used in a commercial. 

APPLE WATCH: Create a :05 second loop to a new opening screen for an app or the watch turning on.