Project was created Sophomore year of college at Ringling College of Art and Design.  During my sophomore year at Ringling College of Art and Design the Sophomores in the Motion Design Department were contact from the Sarasota Film Festival to create trailers to be shown at the festival. Only the top six animations created would be shown at the festival out of the sixteen groups. 


In order to create this project, we were given a script and tasked to animate according to to it without making changes to it in anyway. 


SCRIPT: (WESTERN) When a profit driven oil corporation attempts to corrupt another frontier town, a modern cowboy with Native American roots must unite his people against fracking or risk losing the land that he loves. 


My partner and I ended up placing third for the Sarasota Film Festival. For coming in the top six our trailer, "Frack It" was shown during the festival.


Here is a screen shot of the green screen footage we used for our cowboy.